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Coaching Women over 40 to Sparkle and Shine!

Hi, I’m Jane Hamilton and I am delighted to welcome you to LiveLoveSparkle.

I am a Happiness Coach and as the title says, I specialise in "Coaching Women over 40 to Sparkle and Shine!".

In our 40s and beyond, it is all too easy to feel like we’ve somehow lost ourselves.

At this age more than any other, we seem to have it all going on:

  • Trying to keep up with the running of our homes
  • Caring for our growing families
  • Helping with schoolwork and now since covid, homeschooling one or more children!
  • Perhaps managing children going through puberty and fluctuating moods
  • Caring for ageing parents and again more so since covid’s arrival
  • Holding down busy jobs which may or may not be fulfiling you or maybe juggling a number of part-time roles – again since covid, also juggling homeworking or in a face to face role with the ever present fear of covid
  • Feeling like there is never enough time in the day to do it all and a feeling you are just spinning plates; and
  • That’s not too mention trying to manage your own physical and mental changes which are happening as a result of the peri-menopause and menopause and all that this brings with it! Hot flushes, sleepless nights, memory fog etc etc

Is it any wonder then that you may be feeling at your wit’s end, anxious, overwhelmed and lacking in energy.

If this feels like you, then don’t worry as you are not alone and  I’ve been through so much of the above and more too and I have all the tshirts!!

But help is at hand and I can help you:

  • Find calm and balance amongst the overwhelm
  • Help you manage the anxiety and stress
  • To build strategies to tackle the issues keeping you awake at night
  • Help you take charge of things at home, stressors in your job/career
  • Help you find your centre again and bring you back into alignment with the person you were before you were a wife, a mother, a worker, a carer etc

I specialise in helping women build richer, happier and more fulfilling lives.

50 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30, so we still have many more productive years ahead of us. So lets get busy making these great years by working out what lights you up and letting go what doesn’t!

Lets make these next chapters of your life Fabulous!
If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to seize the day - "Carpe Diem".

“If you can dream it you can do it”

(Walt Disney).

Sheets of book curved into heart shape on wooden table against unfocused lights

The Way it Works

I work with clients by creating personalised coaching programmes, helping them reconnect to their lost hopes and dreams, encouraging them to take positive action toward building a more abundant and Sparkling life!

I am lucky enough to be able to do this work from my lovely Silver Birch Sanctuary nestled beneath our beautiful tree in the Kent countryside.

Did you know that Silver Birch trees are associated with protection, new beginnings, regeneration, hope, new dawns and the promise of "what is to come" and date back to Medieval times.

What better place then to come and join me where "the magic and transformation happens".

If you cannot join me in person and in these Covid days then this isn’t possible, do not worry as we can work together easily through Zoom, Skype or simply by phone.

I am a fully qualified and insured Personal Development Coach.  I trained with the renowned Barefoot Coaching company and I am Accredited by the University of Chester.

Barefoot Coaching company

I am also a Reiki healing practitioner and a member of the UK Reiki Federation, a mental health first aider and trained in Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Management, Relax Kids/Adults as well as the Law of Attraction.

I love all things related to Personal Development and Wellbeing and I have a background of 20 years’ plus in people management/development roles.

Do you resonate with any of the following:

  • an uneasy feeling that life is passing you by, more and more with every passing day!
  • you look at others and think…I wish I could do/be/have that…..?
  • you look in the mirror and wonder where that happy, carefree young girl has gone?
  • you find yourself regretting things you wanted to do but held yourself back from through fear?
  • you have secretly harboured many dreams but have just been too afraid to try them?
  • a feeling that your life has been on the backburner whilst you have been busy taking care of everyone and everything else?
  • a complete sense of overwhelm and anxiety, not knowing which way to turn
  • a feeling that it is time to get back into the driving seat of your life?

If you are ready to put some "Sparkle" back into your life

reach out now to me at jane@livelovesparkle.biz

Just click on the Discovery box to book your session lasting up to 60 minutes. This is where you and I get to know a little bit more about each other and discuss what you would like to achieve through coaching.

If, like me, you are drawn to all things that Sparkle and that’s also how you love to feel, then you have come to the right place.

We don’t do "bland, dull or matte" here, just super Sparkles are the name of the game!

Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by people, watching what "lights them up" and gives them life as well as watching what brings them down and makes them fade.

I have always felt drawn to being of service, helping people find their way back to their joy, their inner Sparkle and essence and even now there is nothing I like more than seeing people in that beautiful state of "Glow and Flow".

I also love wearing something which Sparkles; this could be in my clothing or my jewellery.

An avid reader and practitioner of all things "Personal Development" related, that is me!  Name the book, I bet I have it!

I was the one girl completing all of those "peopley" quizzes in My Guy, She and Cosmopolitan magazines etc etc, always learning something new about myself and others.  I knew one day those quizzes would come in handy!


I know that when someone has "their Sparkle on", nothing looks or feels better. You can always tell as everyone else simply fades in comparison.

There is an aura around them that is just too hard to miss and people are just drawn to them.  They have an air of magic, grace and ease and the sun just seems to shine out of their whole being.

This is why my passion is helping Women to Sparkle and Shine beyond 40.

Life is way too short to lead a dull, boring life. Bring on the Sparkle!

I Look forward to speaking to you very soon!

Love Jane
Happiness Coach xx


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