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Below are some of the reasons why I hope you will consider me as your trusted Coach :

  • Personal & Business Coach – Post Graduate certified and accredited by the University of Chester
  • Prolific reader and collector of all things personal development related, sharing new insights and learning through my articles, blogs and vlogs
  • Long-time Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel & Development
  • 20 plus years in people management / Wellbeing roles
  • Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness qualification
  • Mental Health First Aider, Nuco
  • Relax kids/adults trained
  • Mum to an "independently minded" tweenie daughter!
  • Lover of all things NLP/Law of Attraction/Quantum physics/Energy/Chakra/Feng Shui related
  • Adoring animal lover, currently with 2 doggies, a budgie and 5 fish!
  • Reiki Practitioner, member of the UK Reiki Federation
  • A bit like me with books, I am married to a prolific collector of cars and car parts!
  • Self-confessed tree-hugger and nature lover, all things spiritual and a big believer in building a more compassionate and kindful world

I just love people and I am passionate about coaching them and I have helped to motivate many to make positive changes in their lives.  I have shared with you some client feedback from my happy clients.

I am also a pretty resilient person, having learnt to cope with many different challenges whilst growing up and I am also a very positive and upbeat person.

Whilst some would say I see life through `rose tinted` glasses, I am all too aware of how challenging life can be although I choose to look for the positives and the silver linings in everything!  Remembering where your mind goes, energy flows!


Being a big believer in the Law of Attraction and the power of vibrational energy, it is so important to keep your energy high in order to attract better outcomes.

When you only focus on the negatives you will simply attract more of the same low vibrational energy.

I also believe in the power of the Universe and that when we do our own internal work, challenge our internal beliefs and step into our own unique power, the Universe will be there to greet us, helping to bring out our own brand of Sparkle and Magic.  Who wouldn’t want that!

So, If you:

  • have had enough of playing small
  • if you are tired of hiding your true self in the background
  • if you have always wanted to do something amazing if you could only find the courage
  • If you know the real you is dying to break out………..

Well now is your time! Your time to Sparkle and Shine!

You have seen how 2020 went, do you really want to waste any more time living life in the shadows? I think not.

So, let’s click those red heels together, lets wave that magic wand, rub that magic lamp, wish upon that star and then get down to the business of Co-creating your new life together!

Lets do this!


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